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High Tech Equipment

We use leading edge technologies to get your electronic equipment delivered quickly and safely.

J.C. Delivery equips all of our vehicles with cargo boxes designed by the Supreme Corporation. The boxes are designed with transportation of sensitive equipment in mind. Metal skid-resistant floors, recessed e-tracking, custom tommy gates and an equipment-shelving unit enable us to transport equipment at a superior level. Our lift-gates are an all aluminum single-platform. Many delivery companies use lift-gates that are required to be unfolded and angled. Damages and incidents increase with this design. We also incorporate safety strapping to avoid possible damages to equipment.

All of our vehicles are equipped with 3 rows of e-tracking. E-track enables us to secure our freight with locking straps to ensure safety. Our policy and procedure manual provides guidelines and states that a minimum of 2 straps should be placed on all items of transport. The integrity and condition of the items we transport is our main concern.

We utilize Escalera Equipment to bring heavy loads up and down stairs. This equipment is self propelled and requires no lifting. Your equipment and property will be protected from possible damage by utilizing this piece of equipment.

H Dollys are the most utilized piece of equipment a mover will possess. Items that are too heavy or bulky to be carried are placed on the non-skid surface and can be rolled on the soft rubber wheels to the destination.

The “Lee Quick Dolly 1200” is a fully adjustable aluminum devise with shock resistant wheels designed to transport electronic equipment. Our jobs are made easier with this innovative product from Lee Inventions.

Moving pads are kept on shelves to avoid contact with dust and dirt and prolong the life of the pad. Clean cargo boxes and moving supplies translates into preserving the integrity of valuable and sensitive electronic equipment. We place a minimum of 2 pads on all items to ensure safety.

Frequently we encounter sensitive surfaces that require floor protection. Building Property Management often requires delivery companies to protect flooring prior to building access. We provide masonite on all our vehicles to accommodate our drivers in achieving a perfect delivery.

During our 25 years of delivering equipment the need for a heavy duty metal plates became evident. These plates enable us to transport equipment over gaps in pavement, curbs, elevator thresholds, rough surfaces and can decrease angles of travel without lifting. Although this item may not be sophisticated its purpose and effectiveness can’t be understated.

Having the right equipment enables us to perform deliveries at a level you will feel is superior to our competitors.


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