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About J.C. Delivery, Inc.

A primary objective at J.C. Delivery is to be profitable and to consistently increase revenues and earnings each year. We believe this can best be accomplished by providing customers with dependable quality service at competitive rates.
Our goals can only be attained through the effort of our people. Therefore, we provide an environment that attracts and retains highly motivated, honest and dedicated individuals.

Our Mission

The mission of J.C. Delivery is to be a strong partner with our employees, customers and community.

As a Company, we...

       Strive to exceed customer expectations
       Deliver quality and excellence through continuous improvement
       Embrace, challenge and leverage it as a strategic advantage
       Believe that we can only expect what we are willing to inspect
       Support communities where we live and work

As a team, we...
       Endorse and practice open communication
       Emphasize our strengths in a positive environment
       Achieve desired results through hard work
       Encourage leadership which fosters prompt decision making at all levels
       Believe that Together Everyone Accomplishes More

As individuals, we...
       Keep our agreements
       Appreciate the significance of family
       Respect and protect the rights and dignity of one another

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